About the 'Maths Free Resource Library'

Mike Pye receiving TES schools award 2014

The aim of the Free Resource Library is to be a bank of resources that Maths teachers can use in the classroom. The majority of these are ‘ready to go’ in the sense that they have a starter activity for the pupils to attempt as they arrive to class, an explanation of the topic, with some questions, with answers, and a plenary to tie it all together. The format for the lesson is all contained within a powerpoint and word document. There are no teachers’ notes, as I believe looking through the powerpoints will be enough to make the lesson objectives clear. There are also a number of investigations within here where a prompt sheet is provided for students. In addition, as the powerpoints contain detailed explanations, they can be shared with pupils in case they want to go over them again (I do this via a google classroom). A single download will have all of this in it, please make sure you watch the video (on the ‘Download the Library’ page) as it explains the structure in a lot more detail.

Please be aware that there is a lot of work in here which is not my own, but anything extra in here is, to my knowledge, freely available. I have put hyperlinks in to the sources of works where I could find them. If you find something here which is your own work and you would like it removed, please let me know via the contact address at the bottom of each page.

I would strongly recommend using the excel files labelled ‘Index’ for each section in order to help you navigate. The resources are all hyperlinked within these files!

Download the Maths Free Resource Library

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